Wednesday, December 14, 2011

We are dead.

Suckinim Baenaim is no more. sorry.
after 4 years of being a band, doing shows, going on tours, meeting awesome people, doing awesome parties, we have decided
to break the band. one of the reasons are that in the last tour it was pretty hard for us with all that border problems, police control and losing money, the other reason
is that we are no longer a team as we were, it is too hard for us to stay as a band when not everyone live in the same place and share the same ideas. we hope you had fun with us,
we wanna thank everyone who ever helped us and partied with us! we got some t-shirts if you still wanna have a t-shirt from a dead band!
anyway! have fun!

the suckinims.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

"i like to get kissed before i get fucked" - eric cartman

hey everyone!

so, like some of you heard already, we got fucked at the UK border and our next 8 shows there are cancelled (our dear friends from Julith Krishun, however, will play as planned so do yourselves a favour and go check those crazy dudes out).

after a long conversation with the border control, we were suppose to get our refusal and the policewoman said that it would take 1 till 3 hours, and we just need to wait. after about 1 hour they decided to take our bags and lock us in a room for about 10 hours with no reason, until they will decide what to do with us.

the way we were treated there was a showcase for everythings thats wrong with the EU and borders in general. we were thrown to a "waiting cell" with no passport phones or bags, and waited there 10 hours in total until all paperwork was over, with the pre-decided resolution that we are not to get in the uk, cause we dont have the proper paper work, even though they know we are not gonna make a single pound profit for playing the gigs there.

for us the expiernce was exausting, and terrible. we were walking back and forth in that shithole room with one response from them when we asked how long its gonna take: shut up.

and it was nothing comapred to the way those bastards from the immigration office treated an albanian immigranet who didnt speak a word in english and was refused even a phonecall, and were laughed at and haarsed constantly the whole time we were there.

after we finally got out, we had to take a 26 hours journey with all means of tranportaion known to man, back to germany to try and organise a few shows to cover our loses.

Luckily, we have amazng friends all over, that understood and sympatized with our situation and managed to arrange a few shows for us this weekend from thin air. not to mention all other orginsaisers and friends all over who said they will help us in any way they can.
this is very moving and amazing to us, and we cant express how thankfull we are for all you're doing for us and the solidarity you're showing. we are in debt of all of you.

the shows that will take place, are as following:

30.6.11 - Dresden - Meschwitzstr.16 - 21:30
01.07.11 - Berlin - Footloose Festival - first band
02.07.11 - Leipzig - TBC (if it doesnt work on this date, we will need help for a show on the 03.07 in leipzig or in the area)
we are still looking for help on the 03.07.11 and a place to sleep or a show in west germany or belgium on the 4th of july.

thanks for reading and for all the support..


Friday, April 8, 2011

uhm, ya, Tour.

First part of the tour with Julith Krishun Tour Dates:
22.6 - Hamburg @ Rota Flora
23.6 - Braunschweig @ Nexus
24.6 - Dresden @ AZ conni
25.6 - Versmold @ Cry me A river Fest
26.6 - Göttingen @ Juzi
27.6 - Brugge -
28.6 - Brighton @ hobgoblin
29.6 - Sheffield @ Riverside Cafe
30.6 - Glasgow @ The Captains Rest
01.7 - Edinburgh @ The Banshee Labyrinth
02,7 - Manchester @ the negi dungeon
03.7 - London - @ the Unicorn
04.7 - Margate @ Above All Studios.
05.7 - Lille @ CCL
06.7 - Merksplas @ Zigzag
07.7 - Darmstadt @ Oetinger Villa
08.7 - Unna @ JZ Taubenschlag


Without Julith Krishun:
09.7 - Karlsruhe @ kunstakademie
10.7 - Freiburg @ KTS
11.7 - Paris -
12.7 - Day off. paris.
13.7 - Nancy @ Soapbox club
14.7 - München -
15.7 - Arese @ SGA
16.7 - Bologna @ Midsummer soul Fest
17.7 - Terni -
18.7 - NEED HELP
19.7 - Lublijana @ Menza pri koritu
20.7 - Vienna @ Practice Room Show
21.7 - Ostrava @ Bogotá club
22.7 - Prague @ Fluff Fest

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Some Tour updates!

hey Ho!
anyway, its going to be like this,
we are going on tour together with julith krishun for the first 2 weeks!
we start on the 22nd of june, first show is in Rota Flora - Hamburg, and then we are heading to west germany and holland, england and scotland with julith krishun.
after it we will hit italy, france, slovenia, austria and czech republic.

soon we will post our first weeks tour dates. at the mintime you can be happy to know we will be playing the next CRY ME A RIVER FEST and FLUFF FEST

wanna show us you come to party?
attend to our facebook tour event. the dates will be update soon!

till then!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Suckinim Baenaim On Blogspot

Hey you all Suckinims Friends! how is it going!
we decided to reopen our blogspot because myspace became to complicated to handle, aswell as really heavy on my computer. so we decided to move here. its kind of cool here.
we were kind of on a coma for the last time but we are going to this Big ass europe tour between the 17th of june(first show will be in Berlin) and 1st of august(last show will be in Dresden). this time we will hit Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Slovenia, Italy, France, UK(Scotland included), Hungary, Holland and Belgium.

stay updated on the dates of our upcoming tour! we should all party together.

we also put out a 7" split with Batalj from Sweden, awesome guys doing some crazy ass music.

you should buy it on
Twintoe Records

we are still offering you for free to download our first split 7" with Achzavoth, and our first 10":
Suckinim Baenaim - 10"

Achzavoth / Suckinim Baenaim split 7"

besides that you should check out nirs(the drummer dude) others projects
Dirk Diggler
Kids Insane

and you should check some of our good friends out:
Julith Krishun

ok, thats it until now!

have fun!

the suckinims.